Member Pricing

In order to get the member pricing ($50/$65), you have to commit your official Manchester United membership to the Dallas Reds MUSC/

To register your membership with the Dallas Reds MUSC
You do need to have a paid official membership for the upcoming 2020/2021 season. Any membership level counts.

Get a paid official membership from the Manchester United Membership site –

Once you have an official membership, you will have your 7 digit membership number. You can then register that membership with the Dallas Reds at Membership with the Dallas Reds is free and only requires a current official membership.
NOTE: You cannot have your membership affiliated to multiple Official Supporters Club. By signing up, you are accepting that you will be affiliated to the Dallas Reds Official Supporters Club.

Once we get your submission, we will have to add this to our order site. Within a few hours, you will receive an email confirmation that your membership number was accepted and has been added to the order side. You can then order the new shirt at The cost shows as the non-member price, but when added, your membership number will provide a $10 per item discount when you check out. We do accept PayPal and Debit/Credit Cards. We do not accept COD or any other types of payment.

In order to prevent a discount code from being used by non-members, the code is a single use code. Once the order is placed, the code cannot be reused. If by chance, you want to order more items that you missed in the first order, then email and we will review and can reset the discount code for another use.